Rober - Zero Pressure Mattress Controllers

Rober manufacture zero pressure mattress systems for the prevention of pressure ulcers, a major healthcare problem for patients who find themselves confined to bed for long periods of time and a significant financial problem for medical establishments such as the NHS.

Traditionally Rober have manufactured their Nodec range of system controllers in relatively low volumes as fabricated caseworks – high quality, low capital investment but a high manufacturing cost.

Working with the Design Unit, Rober re designed its Nodec products and introduced a lower cost Airflex range, a key feature of which has been the development of a new air distribution manifold where twenty components have been replaced by one utilising the latest in additive manufacturing techniques.

In addition, based on manufacturing as injection moulded assemblies (utilising low cost manufacturing in the UK - sourced by the Design Unit), Rober have managed to reduce manufacturing costs by over 75% at moderate capital investment - increasing profitability and Rober's potential for export.