The ErgoKneeler™ is an innovative, dynamic kneeling system that can provide comfort, support and ease of movement across a range of low working positions, for people who undertake tasks at a low level.

Developed for Spectrum Healthcare, the ErgoKneeler™ incorporates ergonomic principles to alleviate the compression forces and postural discomfort associated with low working positions. Working in close collaboration with manufacturers & suppliers from an early stage, the concept went through a thorough iterative development process to ensure customer satisfaction and cost feasibility prior to full production.

"The Design Unit present a formidable R&D team. Professional and knowledgeable in approach, their technical expertise, design flair and attention to detail transformed the idea and ergonomic principles behind the innovative ErgoKneeler™ into today's successful market product design."    -   Steve Clark,   Linda Darwent MCSP